Installing the Netopia USB drivers on Windows 98

Here are some steps that you can walk through if you are having troubles with the Netopia.

Checking to see if it’s installed

There are 2 places you can check for this.

  1. One place to look to see if its installed is Add/Remove Programs.

  1. Another place to look is Device Manager
    1. If it lists “Cayman 3300 Series USB Network Adapter” under the Network Adapters category, it is installed.

 If it’s not installed correctly, but the computer has noticed that it is connected via. USB, Device Manager may display “USB NET CARD” like this:


Installing the Netopia

Here is 2 different ways to install these drivers without running the CD install:

If you are at the Device Manager, and the screen displays “USB NET CARD” (like the screenshot above), you can install it from here.  This is usually the fastest way to do it.

Double click on “USB NET CARD”

b.      At this screen, click “Reinstall Driver”.  This will open up the “New Hardware Wizard”

Another way to get to the “New Hardware Wizard” is to unplug USB, uninstall the drivers, reboot the computer, and plug in the USB after the reboot. 

New Hardware Wizard 

  1. This is the first screen of the “New Hardware Wizard”.  Click Next.


  1. Select “Search for the best driver…”, and click Next


  1. At this screen, do not put a checkmark in “CD-ROM drive”.  Instead, put a check in “Specify a location”.  Then you can browse for the correct folder.

a.       Find out what drive has the CD in it.  In this case, it’s the E: drive

b.      The path should look like this:  e:\WzFiles\USBDrivr

c.       Click Next


  1. If the Wizard finds the drivers, it will display this screen.  If it displays a screen that says it did not find the drivers, you must go back and double check the path you specified.


a.       After you click Next at this screen, the Wizard will start to install the files.  Sometimes it will ask you for the Windows disc.

                                                              i.     If you have it, put it in the CD drive and click OK.

                                                             ii.     If you don’t have it, Click OK


b.      If you put in the Windows 98 disc, specify a path of the CD drive:\win98  (Example: E:\win98), and click OK

                                                              i.     If you don’t have it, you will need to specify the path of the file that this screen is looking for.  Typically, this install is looking for files in C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System. 


  1. Once the files are installed correctly, it will display this screen.  Click Finish and it will prompt you to reboot



6.       The New Hardware Wizard will start over once more, either before or after the reboot.  Walk through these steps once more to install it. This is actually installing the Network Adapter component of the drivers.


Uninstalling the Netopia

1.       Access the uninstall wizard from the Add/Remove Programs control panel.  Select “Cayman 3300 Series USB Network Adapter” and click “Add/Remove”.


2. Confirm the uninstall by clicking Yes.


2.       Confirm the reboot by clicking OK.